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What People Are Saying...

I struggled in every stage of life since my child hood. I had a strong will, self motivation and urge to do more and work hard to attain my life goals. Though I was successful in all that I did, personally I was not happy enough and had a strong feeling that some thing is wrong or missing in my life.

I have been searching for the best way out for at least 3 years and landed at the ultimate destination in Year 2008 when I was introduced to Kriya yoga.

Kriya helped me to work deeper towards the grounds, I found there were many obstacles inside me (like being egoistic, adamant, lack of self discipline and generosity, etc..etc.. the list goes on…) which prevented me from being happy and content: these which I never knew. 

Kriya yoga has given new meaning to my life, my friends and my family can’t believe how much I have changed. I can’t believe it either. Kriya yoga is the best thing that has ever happened to me!.  Every facet of my life has changed for the better. I have new appreciation for life like never before. 

I have gained the hope and confidence to be free in a Universe that is ALL welcoming, ALL knowing and ALL loving. Today I can proudly say that I am on a created light-filled hopeful path of peace and happiness. 

I wish and hope that every one, all of humanity, will begin, as I have, cleansing their mind and going towards TRUTH. The journey to the inside is the greatest and I have learnt all that here. Thank you again to Kriya yoga and all the great giving masters.  Amali Sahay, Singapore.

To me Kriya yoga practice has helped me to manage manage stress and bring about a sense of calmness in going about the routine  and hectic life schedules. Overall I feel a sense of contentment and able to manage my emotions more effectively in workplace and at home. I find increased energy levels to manage my hectic schedule and find that my decision making is more rational and less emotional.

 Although I am yet not aware of any significant or subtle changes or progress in the spiritual area, the benefits I currently enjoy is a motivation enough for me to continue my practice. Combined with my hatha yoga practice, Babaji's Kriya yoga has changed my life for the better. Anand,  Singapore.


More testimonials to come...