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Guru Disciple Lineage

The lineage of Kriya Yoga has descended to us from the immortal Babaji through Lahiri Mahasaya and many Kriya Yoga saints and sages, including Shri Yukteswar, Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Satyananda Giri. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath is of the same lineage and is the Kriya Master of Rudra Shivananda.   


lahiri mahasaya

 Lahiri Mahasaya


Shyama Charan Lahiri (September 30, 1828 – September 26, 1895), best known as Lahiri Mahasaya, was an Indian yogi and a disciple of Mahavatar Babaji. He was also popularly known as Yogiraj and Kashi Baba. He revived the yogic science of Kriya Yoga when he learned it from Mahavatar Babaji in 1861. Lahiri Mahasaya was also the guru of Yukteswar Giri. Mahasaya is a Sanskrit, spiritual title translated as 'large-minded'. He was unusual among Indian holy men in that he was a householder — marrying, raising a family, and working as an accountant for the Military Engineering Department of the British Indian government. Lahiri lived with his family in Varanasi rather than in a temple or monastery. He achieved a substantial reputation among 19th century Hindu religionists.


He became well known in the west through Paramahansa Yogananda, a disciple of Yukteswar Giri, and through Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. Yogananda wrote that Lahiri was chosen by Mahavatar Babaji to reintroduce the lost practice of Kriya Yoga to the world. Lahiri's disciples included both of Yogananda's parents as well as Yogananda's own guru. Lahiri Mahasaya prophesied that the infant Yogananda would become a yogi, and "As a spiritual engine, he will carry many souls to God's kingdom."



 Shri Yukteswar


Swami Sriyukteswar Giri  (10 May 1855 - 9 March 1936) is the monastic name of Priyanath Karar. The guru of Swami Satyananda Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda. Sri Yukteshwar was an educator, astronomer, a Jyotisha (Vedic astrologer), a yogi, and a believer in the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible. He was a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya of Varanasi and a member of the Giri branch of the swami order. Yogananda considered Sri Yukteswar as Jnanavatar, or "Incarnation of Wisdom".


In 1884, Priyanath met Lahiri Mahasaya, who became his Guru and initiated him into the path of Kriya Yoga. Sri Yukteswar spent a great deal of time in the next several years in the company of his guru, often visiting Lahiri Mahasaya in Benares. In 1894, while attending the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad, he met the Guru of Lahiri Mahasaya, Mahavatar Babaji, who asked Sri Yukteswar to write a book comparing Hindu scriptures and the Christian bible. Mahavatar Babaji also bestowed on Sri Yukteswar the title of 'Swami' at that meeting. Sri Yukteswar completed the requested book in 1894, naming it Kaivalya Darsanam, or The Holy Science.




 Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath

Gurunath Yogiraj Siddanath


Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath was born on May 10, 1944 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. He has been meditating since the age of 3, and spent his early years in the Himalayas amongst the HamsaNath yogis, in whose presence he was transformed. The divine transformation flowered after his deep and personal experiences in 1961 and 1967 with the yogi-christ Mahavatar Shiv-Goraksha-Babaji, the same spiritual master described in Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. He has a wife of 30+ years, Gurumata Shivangani, with whom he built by hand the Hamsa Yoga Sangh Ashram (Spiritual Retreat) outside the city of Pune, near Bombay, India. They have two sons, and two grandchildren.

Yogiraj teaches yogic meditation for the evolution of human consciousness. These perennial practices of yoga are the most ancient closely guarded sacred practices of the Himalayan yogis and masters from time immemorial. They help the practitioner gradually transform him/herself into the likeness of his/her own divinity.

This ancient art and science has been a way of life for rare yogis and ascetics of India and abroad who have sacrificed everything in the search for their own inner Truth, their inner Godessence. Today, Yogiraj demonstrates in his own life and livingness, that powerful spiritual practice can be integrated with family life and a career. By the blessings of Babaji, Yogiraj teaches these techniques, which he collectively calls "The Alchemy of Total Transformation" to sincere seekers throughout the world, who wish to integrate these practices into their daily life, without the necessity of giving up worldly pursuits.

These techniques are called:
1. Mahavatar Babaji's Kriya Yoga (N.B., the exact same kundalini kriya originally given to Lahiri Mahasaya in the 19th century)
2. Siddhanath Surya Yoga - A dynamic osmosis of solar healing. Pranic self-healing with solar power.
3. Siddhanath Hamsa Yoga - The Way of the White Swan.






Rudra Shivananda

Rudra Shivananda is a disciple of the Nath Master Yogiraj Siddhanath and has been empowered by the Master to teach since 1998. He has dedicated himself to the well-being and spiritual evolution of humanity. He believes that the true evolution is that of consciousness and true healing is self-Healing. When human evolution advances to the highest level, and super-consciousness is awakened in the general population, then societies can exist completely in harmony with each other and with nature. Only then, can humanity enjoy true peace and happiness.

Rudra Shivananda is an adept of Kriya, Hatha, Mantra and Kundalini Yogas. He teaches that the only lasting way to bring happiness into one's life is by consistent practice of awareness and transformation.

For the well-being of humanity, he offers selfHealing workshops, utilizing the power of chakrasshaktibreath, solar rays, mantras, crystals, gems and oils to enhance the healing powers of the body-mind-soul complex.

For those who seek self-realization and higher states of consciousness, Rudra Shivananda offers workshops in Kriya Yoga, an integrated approach combining physical postures, breathing, meditations, mantras or words of power, and devotion. He offers also workshops in Kundalini Yoga for those who resonate with more forceful methods.

In this spirit of speeding up the evolution of consciousness, Rudra Shivananda has committed himself to spreading the timeless yogic techniques of the ancient Naths and Siddhas, the Immortal Masters of Yoga in a contemporary manner.

Rudra Shivananda advocates an integrated approach which involves attention being paid to good bodily health. He is a Reiki Master, Shakti Healer, and is proficient in the use of herbs, gemstones and oils.

He has written five books on various aspects of Spiritual Science and Healing. 

Rudra Shivananda is a house-holder with 2 adult children and worked for 28 years as a technology professional in Silicon Valley before retiring and devoting his time to serve humanity's spiritual needs. He has advanced degrees in electronics engineering and business management as well as a doctorate in laws. He has given initiations and workshops in USA, Canada, England, India, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Russia, Japan and Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Students in Singapore have had the great blessing of benefiting from yearly workshops given by Rudra Shivananda since the year 2006.